Special Hours: Our LMA Branch will be closed all day May, 23rd 2018 for a graduation event.

Passwords & PINs

Accessing some of the Credit Union’s services will require knowing some key pieces of information. Here are some of the main things to be aware of:

Member Number: Your member number is a six-digit number that will identifies you with all of your HUECU accounts. You will need this number to access online banking and telephone banking for the first time. The member number will also be the first six digits of the account number for any savings, checking, or loan account you open. The final two digits (referred to as the “suffix”) identify the particular account within your membership.  If you did not receive your member number at account opening, it will be mailed to you within seven business days of when your account was established.

Online & Mobile Banking: Your member number will be your login ID for Online & Mobile banking. When enrolling in online banking you will specify a password that will be used for both Online & Mobile access. This can be changed at any time through the Online Banking system.

Debit & Credit Card PINs: The PINs (Personal Identification Numbers) for your HUECU credit and debit cards are mailed separate from the cards for security reasons and will generally arrive 2-3 days after the card. You can reset your debit card PIN at an ATM or by calling the PIN NOW at 866-985-2273.