HUECU Wire Transfers

Wire Transfers are a safe way to move money between accounts in different financial institutions. You can request an outgoing Wire from HUECU by visiting any one of our branches. A wire fee is incurred for this service. Please note that Wire Transfers cannot be set up over the phone.*

HUECU accepts incoming Wire Transfers, and collected funds may be wired out domestically or internationally. All information presented must be written legibly in English. Wire transfers must be received before 3:30 p.m. to be processed that day. Wire transfers are not processed on Saturdays or Credit Union holidays.

Domestic Wire Transfers are generally completed within one business days; international transfers generally take longer. To comply with the Bank Secrecy Act Travel Rule, we must obtain the name and address of the beneficiary for all wire transfers.

You can initiate a Wire Transfer from a personal account by stopping by any one of our branches or by faxing us a request to (617) 496-2266. Please complete and include the Wire Transfer form in addition to a legible copy of your valid government issued ID*. For questions or assistance, contact an HUECU representative today!

*All wires that are NOT being sent to an account in your own name must be done in person with valid photo I.D.