Mass Save Home Loan

Interested in energy efficiency? You'll get zero interest from us.

Offered in partnership with Mass Save, a consortium of regional energy utilities and providers, the program provides the opportunity to make your way toward an energy efficient home. Through HUECU, you can obtain a 0% APR loan to assist with the installation of qualified energy efficient home improvements.

To get started, contact Mass Save at 866-527-7283 to schedule a Home Energy Assessment. After you schedule an appointment, an energy efficiency expert will assess your home’s current energy and provide a custom list of recommended ways to make energy saving changes in your home. During the visit, you will also receive a Home Loan Intake Form, Program Steps, and the Minimum Standards and Requirements.

After the Home Energy Assessment is complete, the next step is to contact HUECU for pre-approval. From here you can decide what changes to implement and develop your own custom energy plan.

Qualifying Improvements
Some improvements that qualify for the Mass Save Home loan include:

  • Attic, Wall, and Basement Insulation
  • High Efficiency Heating Systems
  • High Efficiency Domestic Hot Water Systems
  • Solar Hot Water Systems
  • Energy Star® Windows
  • Energy Star Thermostats