Frequently Asked Questions: Repayment

Q.  Who is the loan servicer?
A.  Your Harvard University Employees Credit Union student loan is serviced by University Accounting Services, UAS.

Q.  How can I check on the loan balance and pertinent information?
A.  You may access your student loan account information via the UAS student loan servicer online system.

Q.  When do I have to begin to repay the loan?
A.  Your first payment will be due the earlier of six months after graduation from Harvard or 54 months from the first disbursement. Please refer to the promissory note for specific terms and conditions.

Q.  Can I make payments before the first payment is due?
A.  You are welcome to make payments at any time. There is no penalty for prepayment.

Q.  How can I receive the 0.25% rate reduction for Auto Payment?
A.  There will be an option to enroll for Auto Payment through the UAS website. Payment must come from a U.S. bank account.

Q.  Are payments required to be made in U.S. ?
A.  Yes. All payments made to your student loan are required to be made in U.S. dollars. HUECU and the loan servicer, UAS, have established several programas to facilitate the payment process for international borrowers, including wire transfers, credit cards and Western Union. Additional information may be found online at the UAS website.

Q.  If I pay more than the minimim payment, what happens to the amount I pay over the required payment?
A.  Anytime a payment is received by the loan servicer, it will first be applied towards any late fees; if there are any on the account, and then towards the outstanding interest. Once the outstanding interest is paid, any remaining funds go towards the principal balance.

Q.  How do I contact the loan servicer, UAS?
A.  If you have any questions, you can contact the loan servicer at the following number: (800) 723-2210 or (262) 780-2000 x 6917. You can also email or visit the UAS website at