Advanced Money Management: Secrets to Success

Earlier this year, HUECU brought on board three new Harvard interns to work with the Marketing department. The Marketing Internship Program for Harvard students is an on-going initiative to provide students with an opportunity for work experience, professional development and exposure to basic marketing principles. Joining the HUECU team this year were Debra Chang ’12, Luis Martinez ‘12 and Shirley Zhou ‘13.

This year the program focused on financial literacy and education. Through several research tactics such as online surveys and focus groups, Debra, Luis and Shirley were able to better understand the unique financial needs and habits of the student population.

The interns were then charged with using their research insights to plan and implement a financial workshop series tailored specifically to the Harvard undergrad. The result was the successful launch of a 2 hour workshop on April 25th titled of “Secrets to Success: Advanced Money Management”, co-sponsored by Harvard’s Office of Career Services.

The workshop featured interactive games and various info stations, as well as guest speakers from the Credit Union and the Harvard Business School. Topics included uncovering the hidden secrets of credit scores and credit reports, what questions to ask when you’re choosing credit cards, and the basics of filing taxes.

The following resources were presented during the workshop:

  • Budget Worksheet
    This Excel worksheet allows users to input numbers in each category to see free cash available at the end of a month.
  • Personal Finance Resources
    A quick reference sheet summarizing the major points regarding credit, taxes, budgeting. Also provides list of recommended sites for further exploration of each subject.
  • Tax Tips 101
    Presented by Tom Murphy, Director of Student Services at HUECU, this presentation walked through the simple need-to-know facts about taxes.
  • Credit Basics
    Presented by Tom Murphy, Director of Student Services at HUECU, this presentation revealed the secrets of credit reports and demystified credit scores.
  • A Quick Experiment in Budget Breakdown
    This interactive presentation breaks down monthly costs in NYC, revealing how shockingly little free cash is left at the end of the year.