Enjoy a wealth of unique benefits for home buyers.

Program Overview

As a Credit Union member, you and your family have access to the Real Estate Advantage Program (REAP) — a partnership between HUECU, Harvard University Housing, and Coldwell Banker Residential Brokerage. Through this program you are eligible to receive significant cash savings on the purchase and sale of your home and competitive rates on the movement of your household goods. You may access all aspects of the program, or simply one.

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Cash Rebates

You can receive significant cash rebates on the sale or purchase of your home—and a combined rebate if you do both—based on the sale or purchase price.1 You must register with Real Estate Advantage and make use of an approved Real Estate Company to be eligible for this benefit.2

Selling/Purchase Price

Cash Rebate

$50,000—$99,999 $330
$100,000—$199,999 $440
$200,000—$299,999 $687
$300,000—$399,999 $962
$400,000—$499,999 $1,237
$500,000—$599,999 $1,512
$600,000—$699,999 $1,787
$700,000—$799,999 $2,062
$800,000—$899,999 $2,337
$900,000—$999,999 $2,612
$1,000,000—$1,099,9993 $2,887


Why Real Estate Advantage?

Buying Assistance

The Real Estate Advantage team wishes to help you make “smart” home purchases. To facilitate this process, we will implement a proven, comprehensive program for you, utilizing skills acquired over 75 years of assisting thousands of employees with their real estate needs.

Initially, you will consult with a counselor. The counselor then matches you with a professional real estate agent who specializes in your region and price range.

Throughout the entire process, both the counselor and real estate agent serve as information resources to you.

The counselor will:

  • Assist you in defining your housing needs
  • Recommend an approved, qualified, real estate agent(s)
  • Provide professional home-buying guidance
  • Provide financing options through a choice of lenders
  • Provide local and national moving services
  • Monitor your progress and satisfaction with the program

The real estate agent will:

  • Provide you with a tour of the communities you have selected
  • Provide you with information on current trends in new and existing housing markets
  • Research the market and show you available properties
  • Assist you with purchase agreement negotiations
  • Assist you with follow-up and coordination through the entire purchase process and closing on your home

Selling Assistance

This program is specifically designed to give you an advantage when selling your home. The Counselor will assist you through the entire selling process, relying on up-to-date market data and professional expertise to obtain the highest price for your home in the least amount of time.

The counselor will:

  • Recommend approved real estate listing agents most qualified in your area to implement the marketing plan
  • Work with you to develop an aggressive marketing plan
  • Review with you the strategic marketing plan
  • Offer ongoing guidance to maximize marketing effectiveness
  • Monitor your progress and satisfaction throughout the marketing period

The real estate listing agent will:

  • Evaluate the property condition
  • Complete a competitive market analysis
  • Develop a strategic marketing plan and recommend pricing
  • Provide ongoing reports to you and your counselor
  • Continually evaluate market conditions and pricing
  • Assist you with review and negotiation of all offers to purchase
  • Assist you with follow-up and coordination through the entire purchase process and closing on your home

Household Goods Shipment

Moving the contents of your home from one place to another is one of the more complicated aspects of the buying and selling process.

Let us assist and coordinate your move. We work with local and national carriers to make the job of packing, transporting, and unpacking your furniture and belongings much easier.

Real Estate Advantage can provide you with competitive pricing on the movement of your household goods. Our carriers are committed to customer service, performance and dependability.

Your Real Estate Advantage counselor will act as an advocate to you throughout this entire process to ensure a smooth and uncomplicated move.


New homebuyers need an insurance binder to ensure the successful closing of their home. Our experienced insurance consultants will guide you through the process quickly and efficiently and will make it convenient and hassle free.

The insurance consultant will work with you and focus on what is important to you. They will design a personal insurance program specific to your needs. Knowing your home and its contents are well protected provides you peace of mind.


1. The ability to pay cash rebate may be prohibited in some states.
2. You must be registered with Real Estate Advantage and be represented by the assigned real estate agent at closing to qualify.
3. If the purchase or sale price is higher, the cash rebate will be incrementally higher.