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greenpath-logoAs a benefit of Credit Union membership, you have access to the GreenPath Financial Wellness Program.

Spending Plan

Where is your money going? Is it working towards your financial goals? The resources below will help your money work for you.


How does your credit and credit score affect your finances? Can you increase your credit score? Credit can be complex but the links below will give you the tools to be credit savvy.

Student Loans

Education costs can add up and repaying your loans can be confusing. What’s deferment? Consolidation? Tax Benefits? We’ll walk you through the various steps.

Home Buying

Home ownership is an exciting and sometimes overwhelming process. The more prepared you are, the easier the process will be.

Tax Benefits

Identity Protection

Identity theft is more common than you may think. However, you can take simple actions to protect yourself.

Should you refinance? How much should you save towards your goals? What’s the cost difference between repaying your debt faster?
Attend a Personal Finance Workshop
We offer frequent workshops on a variety of financial topics.  Check out our upcoming workshops.
Massachusetts’ Financial Wellness Resource
A digital learning experience that provides money management strategies and tools that can help guide you through each stage of life.