Online Banking User Guide

I. Getting Started


The first time you access Online Banking from a computer, you'll need a Secure Access Code. You can choose to have the code delivered via email or phone.

Logging in with your Secure Access Code

Once you receive your code, you can choose to activate your computer for later use. This will allow you to log in without a Secure Access Code on future visits from that computer. If you encounter this process again on the same computer, you will need to enable cookies within your web browser.

How do I register my computer?
After entering your Secure Access Code, you will be prompted to register your computer for later use. To do so, select, “Activate this computer for later use,” and click Continue.

How does this work?
When a computer is registered, a cookie is placed on it so HUECU can verify your identity. When you log in to Online Banking, your browser will look for that cookie to see if the computer is registered. If the cookie is present, you will not have to obtain a Secure Access Code. This cookie will ONLY work for the browser that you were using when you registered the computer. If you use multiple browsers (e.g., Internet Explorer, FireFox), you will need to register the computer within each browser.

Is there an alternative option to the Secure Access Code?
All online banking systems are required by law to have some sort of multi-factor authentication. However, we realize that the Secure Access Code system is not ideal for every member. If you prefer a different solution, you can set up a Personal Challenge Code. When accessing Online Banking from an unauthenticated computer, the Challenge Code can be entered in place of having a Secure Access code delivered via phone, email or text message.

Setting Up a Challenge Code

II. Helpful Tips & Tricks


Here you'll find a collection of resources to help you maximize your HUECU online banking experience. Click any subject for more detailed information.

Online Banking Menu Guide

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Setting Up Bi-Weekly Transfers

Exporting Your Data

Renaming Your Accounts

III. Browser Settings


HUECU's Online Banking service supports several browsers (shown below).To ensure your browser is set up to work optimally with HUECU's Online Banking service, click on the version of your browser to view detailed browsers instructions. These instructions are also located within the Online Banking Help feature.

 Operating Systems  Web Browser  Supported Versions  Download Site
 Microsoft® Windows  Internet Explorer (IE)  7.x, 8.x  Get Microsoft IE
   FireFox (Mozilla)  3.x  Get Firefox
   AOL Browser  9 SE (See IE)  Get AOL
   Google Chrome  4.x  Get Google Chrome
   Safari  4.x  Get Safari
 Mac OS-X  FireFox (Mozilla)  3.x  Get Firefox
   Safari  1.3.x, 2.x, 3.x, 4.x  Get Safari
   AOL Browser   10.3.x (See Safari)  Get AOL