SMiShing Fraud Alert

The following message is a scam: “Your Credit Union debit card has a pending alert. Call now, toll-free (404) 891-XXXX, and follow the instructions to resolve this alert.” If you receive a text or e-mail stating this message, do NOT call the number or give out any of your information.

This is NOT a text from Harvard University Employees Credit Union; this is a SMiShing scam. SMiShing is a form of criminal activity using social engineering techniques similar to phishing.  The name is derived from “SMs phISHING.”  Short Message Service (SMS) is the technology used for text messages on cell phones. 

Smishing and phishing are electronic ways of attempting to acquire sensitive information by pretending to be a trustworthy source. Harvard University Employees Credit Union will never ask our members to provide confidential account information via text or e-mail.

Numerous financial institutions are reporting this scam attempted. At this time, T-Mobile appears to be the common thread. Updates to follow as more information becomes available.

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