HUECU Fastest Growing Credit Union in Mass

In a just released 2012 edition of Callahan and Associates Credit Union Directory, the Harvard University Employees Credit Union has been the fastest growing credit union in Massachusetts over the past five years.  During this time period, HUECU has experienced 79.3% asset growth.  The Credit Union has been able to grow its membership by over twice the national average rate each year, without having changed its charter or having acquired other institutions. This robust organic growth is evidence that more and more members of our community have come to trust and rely upon the Credit Union difference at a time when large commercial providers seem to have placed profits over people.  HUECU’s true value lies in its structure; we are a local, not-for-profit cooperative, run by members for members.  We measure success not in quarterly earnings reports to stock holders, but by returning as much value as possible back to our members.   Thanks for making us #1.