Individual Retirement Accounts


Will you be ready for life after work?  The sooner you start investing, the sooner you can say goodbye to the daily grind and hello to retirement.  Take care of your future and invest in an IRA with HUECU today.  IRA's are specifically designed to give you an advantage on your retirement savings through unique tax incentives, including compounded interest that continually grows tax deferred. These tax advantages should make investing in an IRA from HUECU the foundation of your retirement portfolio.

Start securing your future with either a Roth or Traditional IRA.  These accounts are also available as IRA Share Certificates with terms from 6 to 60 months. Here are the details:

Traditional IRA

  • After age 59 1/2, both earnings and contributions can be withdrawn penalty free
  • Any earnings grow tax deferred until withdrawn after age 59 1/2
  • Earnings withdrawn after age 59 1/2 are taxed at your current rate
  • Contributions may be tax deductible

Roth IRA

  • Contributions, not earnings, can be withdrawn tax and penalty free at any time
  • After age 59 1/2, if the account has been open at least 5 years, earnings can be withdrawn tax free
  • Contributions are not tax deductible

You may also be able to roll over your current retirement savings to HUECU.

Open an IRA Today!  Stop by any of our branch locations to apply.  You can also call 617.495.4460 or email us for more information about this or any of our other services.

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