ATM Fees 101

ATM Fees vs. Surcharges


When you use an ATM that is not owned by your financial institution, the owner of the ATM will often charge you a Surcharge. This is the annoying fee (usually $2-$3) that you are asked to accept on-screen before continuing.

In addition to the surcharge you pay, the ATM owner will also charge your financial institution a fee for use of the machine. To offset a portion of the cost, you will typically see a Foreign ATM Fee (usually $1 - $2) on your monthly statement.

Going Fee-Free with Crimson Checking


What makes HUECU's Crimson Checking Accounts so exceptional is that you can avoid paying ATM Surcharges and ATM Fees altogether. With each Crimson account, HUECU will waive a number Foreign ATM fees each month. Better yet, some or all of the surcharges that you accepted and paid at other bank's ATMs will be returned to your Checking account in one lump sum at the end of the month.*

Surcharge-Free ATM Programs


Harvard Credit Union participates in the SUM program, which gives members access to over 5,200 surcharge-free ATMs nationwide. The Credit Union is also a part of the NYCE Shared Deposit program.  Any NYCE Shared Deposit ATM will accept deposits to your Credit Union account.

SUM Program NYCE Program


* The number of ATM fee waivers and refunds differs by account. For more detailed information, compare our checking accounts.