HUECU’s current Vehicle Loan rates as of August 1, 2018.

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Auto Loans – up to 110% financing1
APR2 as low as Maximum Term Maximum Amount
Green Auto Loan4 3.24%3 Up to 48 Months up to $75,000.00
Green Auto Loan4 3.74%3 Up to 72 Months up to $75,000.00
New  3.49%3 Up to 48 Months $75,000.00
New  3.99%3 Up to 72 Months $75,000.00
Used 3.49%3 Up to 48 Months $50,000.00
Used 3.99%3 Up to 72 Months $50,000.00


Motorcycle – up to 85% financing
APR2 as low as Maximum Term Maximum Amount
3.99%3 Up to 72 Months $50,000.00


1. Certain credit restrictions apply for this program
2. Annual Percentage Rate.
3. Rates advertised are the lowest rates available and include Reduced Relationship Rate criteria. Requires automatic payment from an HUECU Crimson Checking account to receive the 0.25% rate reduction. Your rate may vary from the rate shown. HUECU will not refinance our own automobile, boat, or motorcycle loans. Current rates are subject to change at any time. Subject to Credit Approval.
4. $75,000 loan amount is only offered on new vehicles. $50,000 maximum amount on used vehicles. Vehicle must have a MPG of over 30 MPG highway (not city) using the EPA’s new rating system.
Auto Loan Example: $20,000.00 at 3.49% for 48 months. Monthly payment is $446.58 with total finance charges of $1,457.93 and total repayment of $21,457.93.
Motorcycle Example: $20,000.00  at 3.99% for 72 months.  Monthly payment: $312.61. Total Finance charge: $2,523.54 Total repayment: $22,523.54.

Find new and used values online at Kelley Blue Book or at NADA Guides.