Charitable Giving

Giving Statement

Harvard University Employees Credit Union (“the Credit Union”) is a not for profit financial cooperative that is committed to supporting and developing social equity and economic opportunity throughout the diverse communities it serves.

The Credit Union’s charitable giving initiatives are made to assist the organizations that comprise our membership and to support the underserved members of our community by providing access to affordable credit and housing.

As funding resources are limited, each gift request is considered within the context of the Credit Union‘s mission and awarded in an amount that is equitably appropriate.
Guidelines for Charitable Gifts

  • Organizational requests for charitable gifts must be made in writing.
  • Only one gift per calendar year will be considered per organization.
  • The granting of each charitable gift is subject to approval by the Credit Union‘s Charitable Giving Committee and ratification by the full Board of Directors.

How to Apply for a Charitable Gift from the Credit Union

  1. A letter which includes; the amount requested and purpose of the gift along with the organization’s name, address, phone number, email address and contact person should be sent to the Credit Union’s President, Eugene Foley.
  2. Also provide a brief description of the organization’s purpose, history and goals and notification as to whether or not the organization or its principals are members of the Credit Union.
  3. Gift requests are reviewed on a monthly basis and should be submitted at least six weeks prior to the funding deadline. If approved, gift recipients will be notified by phone or mail (please do not call).